Midwest Sprinkler Systems offers maintenance and repair on all irrigation systems.  Our service technicians have many years of experience in the irrigation industry and will respond quickly to every need. 

Our irrigation specialists desing and install quality systems that are state of the aret yet easy to use.  We'll developa custom system tailored for your requirements.  Whether your system is installed by us or is pre-exisitng we can keep it operating at peak effieciency. 



New plumbing code require all backflows to be tested annually by a certified backflow tester.  Each city has different requirements.  Midwest Sprinkler Systems, has 2 ASSE Certified Backflow Testers.  Call Midwest to schedule your

appointment 651-438-8605.

Our Backlfow testers:

   Help maintain high quality potable water

   Aid in keeping contaminants and pollution out

   Keep water safe for you and your neighborhood

   Fill out and send appropriate permits and papers to

          the government agencies.

Annual Maintenance Agreements

We offer a Annual Maintenance Agreement.  We know how busy you are, and we've developed this program to simplify things.  Our program is perfect for those that travel frequently or to busy to remember to handle the routine system maintenance at the appropriate times. 


Midwest Sprinkler Systems has a reputation for professionalism that exceeds the expectations of our customers.  We make a continuing effort to use the most reliable products.  We make sure to install products that keep your water bills lower by using water efficient systems and analyzing your property. 

Our services include:

Lawn Sprinkler/Irrigation Systems

New Construction and Established Yards

System Renovation/Improvements

Water Line Replacements

Annual Maintenance Agreements

The Benefits of Having a Midwest Sprinkler System Install Your Lawn Irrigation!

Our irrigation specialist design and install quality systems that are state of the art yet easy to use.  We'll develop a custom system tailored for your requirements.  Whether your system is installed by us or is a pre-existing, we can keep it operating at peak efficiency.

A home brings a lot of hidden expenses.  By using a Midwest Sprinkler Systems you will eliminate wasting water and save money on your water bill.  We will design your system to be efficient and use water only when needed.  You will use less water with a system rather than if you water with a garden hose. 

With a Midwest Sprinkler System your landscape will never seem greener!

Professional Spring Start-up Includes:

  • Check performance of all valves and sprinkler heads
  • Check irrigation coverage of lawn, trees, shrubs and surrounding areas
  • Make all adjustments and nozzle changes as needed
  • Clear grass around sprinkler heads
  • Reprograms irrigation controller.