New plumbing code require all backflows to be tested annually by a certified backflow tester.  Midwest has licensed techs on staff.  Call Midwest to schedule your appointment.

Designs and installs quality-driven sprinkler systems.  You can easily contact by phone, 651-438-8605 and e-mail, alswenson@mssirrigation.com.

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- Drip Lines

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- Locating Lost Valve Boxes

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Midwest Sprinkler Systems has an impressive A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau since 1998. 


Midwest Sprinkler Systems Installs Hunter Lawn Irrigation Products.   More than 20 years of providing lawn irrigation for Residential markets.  Our reputation has been built on integrity, innovation and superior service - since 1998.

Call Midwest Sprinkler Systems today to get your system ready for winter, with a Professional Winterization.    651-438-8605.




Water Smart - USE WIFI Controllers

Traditionally, the month of July is when irrigation systems are set to use the most water.  Therefore, it is appropriate to remind customers to be water wise with their home lawns and landscaping.  Upgrading your current controller to a WIFI controller can help you save water and money.  Contact Midwest Sprinkler Systems,


Low Voltage Electrical License #TS0074.




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We provide repairs and preventative maintenance you need.  Our sprinkler services save you time and money.  We correct a small problem before it becomes a big one.  Call 651-438-8605 to schedule your repairs.





With the weather in the next week getting below the freezing level at night.  We recommend these steps to be done by the customer today to prevent damage to their system. 

Step 1. Shut off the water to the system from inside the house.

Step 2.  Unscrew the plug and/or all faucets, on the pipe that comes out of the house, that feeds the sprinkler systems water.  Note pictures above.  Turn the plug counterclockwise. 

Step 3. Go to your controller and run through all your zones manually for 30 seconds each zone.  This will drain some of the water from the system.

Step 4.  Wrap the backflow with a thick warm blanket.  This will help insulate the backflow.  With the weather in the next week getting below the freezing level at night.  We recommend these steps to be done by the customer today to prevent damage.



- Backflow Testing

- Full System Analysis/Troubleshooting

- Clean, and Adjust Sprinkler Heads

- Adjust Sprinkler Heads for Proper Coverage and Minimal Waste

- Repair or Replacement of Sprinkler Controllers

- Custom Installation for New Systems

- Adding to Existing Systems

- Updating Systems and  Repairs

- Backflow Testing

- Licensed and Insured